Harnessing nature’s power to achieve healthier water

Beneficial Bacteria Habitat

BioBoost/BioBoost-ER’s patented structure sheet media forms an ideal environment to foster microorganism growth. The cross-corrugated, channeled material compounds the available surface area for bacteria to begin nesting and proliferate into healthy colonies.

The media itself creates protected enclaves for the microbes, preventing them from being washed away due to weather incidents or flushing of pond water. At the same time, the enhanced oxygen and water flow from the diverted aeration stream moves throughout the entire habitat, interacting with the bacteria and ensuring a continuous benefit to the entire water column.

Dynamic Biofilm

Not only does our media encourage general bacterial proliferation, its adhesion properties encourage the growth of desirable strains of ammonia-targeting bacteria and nitrifiers. This allows a biofilm to form that enables bacteria to colonize in close proximity, which facilitates the production of energy that can be readily absorbed.

The biofilm also benefits from the fine diffusion of bubbles generated by BioBoost/BioBoost-ER. The equal mix of air and water over our media acts like an air knifescouring older, excess microbial growth. This stimulates the bacteria to continually regenerate, ensuring that the surrounding ecosystem reaps the microbial benefits at an optimized level.

Enhanced Aerobic Effect

BioBoost/BioBoost-ER’s proprietary cross-fluted media captures the aeration stream, diverting it in multiple directions. As the air and water traverse over an unmatched amount of surface area and to multiple mixing points inside the apparatus, bubbles become continually smaller.

By rerouting the vertical trajectory of aeration and distributing finer bubbles, air stays in the water longer, disperses itself more widely and offers more air-water surface area interaction. This reduces stratification of the water column and promotes healthy off-gassing. In addition, the force of the aeration stream through the media prevents it from plugging.

Enriched Pond Ecosystem

BioBoost/BioBoost-ER qualify as true fish habitats and support a healthier aquatic ecosystem. The unique design of our media structure functions as an excellent spawning ground, food supplier and place of refuge—key necessities in the life process of fish.

The proven durability of our PVC media offers substantial protection from the elements to young fish and their food. The multichannel layout provides different degrees of light penetration, optimizing the growth of certain microbes necessary for fish nutrition. Additionally, the aeration component of our products helps maintain healthy oxygen levels and encourages improved fish health and wellbeing.


Do you already have aeration? Our new BioBoost‑ER System enhances existing standard diffusers. This short video explains how.

The BioBoost Family of Water Aeration Products provides you with solutions for safe and effective biological regimens while also addressing your most challenging environmental, cost and treatment concerns.