The BioBoost Story

In 2015, after having developed some water aeration products, we worked our very first trade show, geared to the golf industry - a community of masters in understanding the beauty and maintenance of our natural resources. Fortuitously we met a superintendent who oversees a world-renowned golf course in the United States. He reinforced to us that ponds are problematic and current aeration solutions could be improved.


We knew many bodies of water were plagued with diminished clarity, foul odor, and unsightly algae. It became our mission to develop a solution to work on restoring the health of water, in a natural, sustainable way. We enhanced oxygenation in the water and added a beneficial microbial component to the system.

And BioBoost was born!

Throughout our three years since inception, we have proven time and time again to be a superior water aeration technology. In many cases we achieved dramatic results shortly after installation. In others it took time, but the marriage of powerful aeration and microbes in the BioBoost system yielded impressive results.

We like to say "nature nurturing nature."
Isn't this how it's supposed to be?