For companies involved in the water remediation industry, we want to talk to you about a new revenue opportunity.

You may know the BioBoost name from our initial market offering of a water aeration system with built-in additional features. As we became familiar with industry distributors and pond/lake management companies, we recognized your commitment to the standard diffuser. There are so many in existence—installed in ponds, waiting for installation, held in inventory. From manufacturing plants to warehouses to the backs of trucks, there are standard diffusers everywhere lined up to go somewhere.

We heard from many water quality professionals that our technology certainly added value to water remediation systems. But why duplicate the aeration functionality? Our complete system didn’t fit with your reality. Many of you considered us a competitor, not a complement.

We saw an opportunity. Why not develop a different BioBoost design that would complement the standard diffuser marketplace? And so we have now introduced BioBoost-ER, meant to offer “Enhanced Remediation” (that’s what the “ER” stands for) in conjunction with standard diffusers.

BioBoost‑ER combines several proprietary media designs that successfully capture the bubbles released from a standard aerator, mixing them with air and water, and effectively dispersing and spreading them through the media and into the water column.

You can learn more about how BioBoost‑ER enhances water remediation here.

We now actively partner with distributors to provide BioBoost‑ER units and champion your sales efforts with your customers. We support you where we can with information, coordination and resources—our role is to help you create the best solution for your customers based on your existing inventory and specialty.

In short, BioBoost‑ER works with the diffusers already in the market and gives distributors new revenue opportunities. You can approach customers with installed diffusers to sell BioBoost‑ER as an add-on product or include it in your initial water aeration system design. We have a separate wholesale pricing structure just for distributors and we give financial incentives for revenue milestones.

If you want to provide your customers with more water remediation solutions, we want to work with you.

Call or email us—we’re excited to hear from you.

Watch this quick video for an overview of how BioBoost‑ER works with existing diffusers: