What other equipment do I need to make BioBoost work?

BioBoost is set up as any other aeration device using equipment like compressors, sinking airline, etc. They can be purchased through any of our distributors, or we can set you up with other options if you would like.

Who installs BioBoost?

Any one of our distributors can install BioBoost for you, or you can install it yourself with remote supervision. If you have a pond management company or something similar, they are able to install as well.

How long does an installation take?

This varies on how many ponds you are installing into, or how many BioBoost are needed. However, a typical installation is relatively fast and should be completed within a few hours.

I already have a pond management company who makes the decisions regarding my ponds. Can I still get BioBoost?

Yes! All pond management companies are able to install BioBoost. Simply tell your management company you are interested in BioBoost, and let us know who your management company is and we will work directly with them.

How does BioBoost go into the pond?

Depending on the size of the pond, a boat may be used to bring the BioBoost out into the pond where it is then dropped in and sinks to the bottom of the pond where it will sit. For shallower ponds, BioBoost can be walked to its destination.

How will BioBoost affect the ecosystem of my pond?

BioBoost is a natural solution using just oxygen to eradicate pond problems. Your pond will experience increased oxygen levels which will in turn decrease algae production, Nitrogen levels, and other unwanted pond issues such as bad smell. If you have fish, they will love the increased oxygen!

What maintenance is required?

We suggest leaving BioBoost in your pond for best results. If the bubbles seem to change pattern and you think something is wrong, it is most likely an issue with your compressor or airline so be sure to check those for any issues. You can also always contact us if you have more specific questions!

What is beneficial bacteria and how do I get it?

Beneficial bacteria is a friendly bacteria which competes with algae for a food source. By taking away algae's food, it helps BioBoost to eradicate algae. BioBoost increases beneficial bacteria's effectiveness by giving it a home to proliferate on as well as increased oxygen to help it flourish. You can get bacteria through some of our distributors, but you can also ask us for a referral.

How do I assemble BioBoost?

This would be the place where we would have the videos and PDFs for installation instructions