Complement existing aeration and amplify water treatment goals

BioBoost-ER is an addition to a diffuser, not a replacement. We specifically designed the BioBoost‑ER system to work in tandem with an assortment of standard aeration diffusers to enhance their power to tackle algae, nasty odors, fish kills and clarity issues.

This video explains how:

BioBoost-ER uses the same patented media in our original BioBoost system. The BioBoost technology gives you four major performance benefits:

Beneficial Bacteria Habitat

Our structures provide compounded surface area and protected enclaves for bacteria to nest, proliferate and enhance the water column.

Dynamic Biofilm

Our technology encourages the development of a healthy biofilm by attracting desirable strains of ammonia-targeting microorganisms and scouring excess growth for peak performance.

Enhanced Aerobic Effect

Our cross-fluted media diverts air and water over an impressive amount of surface area to create finer bubbles that interact with the water column more effectively, reducing stratification.

Enriched Pond Ecosystem

Our units enrich the aquatic ecosystem by enhancing oxygenation and serving as spawning ground, food supplier and place of refuge for fish.

How BioBoost-ER Works

Two patented medias are combined to create a dynamic inclusion to your standard diffuser environment. The technology works to enhance the remediation capabilities of your existing diffuser. That’s why we call it “BioBoost-ER”, for Enhanced Remediation.

One media is explicitly constructed to capture the bubbles released from an aerator and the other to move an equal mix of air and water through the cross-fluted PVC channels. As the air and water are diverted to traverse over an unmatched 738 sq. ft of surface area and to 4860 mixing points inside the apparatus, finer bubbles are formed that stay in the water longer.

The media further acts as a nurturing surface for the colonization of beneficial bacteria, increasing their population as they voraciously feast on the excess nutrient in the water. This effectively minimizes algae’s food source and naturally helps to alleviate this troublesome condition.

The system does not plug due to water flow and evenly distributes water and air for continuous mixing and scouring of the potent biofilm.

One unit. Four powerful benefits.
Enhances your existing aeration.
The all-new BioBoost-ER—for optimized water remediation.

Structure and Specifications

Our innovative design, manufacturing standards and product testing yield a field-proven system of the highest quality, recognized throughout the US for its superior performance and long-lasting life span.

BioBoost/BioBoost‑ER media is engineered from thermoformed structured PVC sheets that are solvent bonded using our dedicated glue joints to create rigid, self-supporting media modules. The bonding points ensure accurate assembly for maximum module strength and underwater durability.

One size fits most standard diffusers, with custom sizes available.

BioBoost‑ER: 3’ x 3’ x 2’

(L x W x H)