Oxygen Is Our Element

Are you struggling to maintain your water quality? Do you constantly battle murky water, unsightly algae, unpleasant odor, and dying fish? BioBoost is a simple but revolutionary way to harness the natural power of oxygen to easily achieve the clean, healthy pond water you want.

>> Increase Water’s Oxygen

A game-changing subsurface aeration system that outperforms any other diffuser. BioBoost forces the rising column of bubbles through cross fluted channels. As the bubbles slow and spread, they have more interaction with the surrounding water, which increases oxygenation.

>> Nurture Beneficial Bacteria

BioBoost’s patented media provides a nest for the proliferation of essential algae-fighting microbes. This biofilm consumes organic waste, starving algae of its food supply. BioBoost is the only diffuser to provide bacterial support.

A Revolutionary Way to Aerate Your Water

Traditional diffusers create
a tight column of bubbles

The bubbles are forced through patented cross-fluted pathways, slowing their rise and spreading them out, which allows for greater oxygen transfer

“BioBoost is taking age-old science and bringing it up many levels. I am very pleased with the performance and the benefits derived from this product and I will recommend it to anyone that may ask.”

– Golf Course Superintendent, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Before BioBoost…and After

  • La Quinta, CA

  • Rancho Santa Fe, CA

  • Key Biscayne, FL


Brought to you by the advanced science from
Blue Planet Environmental