BioBoost product shot


BioBoost is assembled in the USA using a majority of USA produced parts. BioBoost is constructed of the highest quality EPDM membrane diffusers and recycled PVC media that is produced by a low waste facility. The BioBoost is both a stand alone aeration system or can be used as a retrofit when airline and compressors are already available. Better technology with lower capital outlay.


True to its name, the BioBoost promotes the essential biomass that consumes the same nutrients that cause algae blooms. BioBoost gets a thick coating of "bio slime", which breaks down the organic pollutants in waterbodies. No other aeration product has this capability. See our Testimonials page for real user feedback on BioBoost.


The BioBoost is assembled in the USA by Vector Industries, a not for profit company located in Virginia. Blue Planet Environmental is very pleased to be working with a company that employs and trains persons with diverse disabilities. Please see Vector Industries website at